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April 2014

  1. -Malynda is the voice  of a new  guided meditation program called “Moga Mind” that helps the individual improve mental outlook and personal wellness. This program was created by her friends and colleagues Corrina Crade & Patrick Cunningham.  Check out the website here: http://mogamind.com/

-Congrats to Malynda on being cast in the short film “Open Reservations” that will be shot in Los Angeles the last week of April.

-Congrats to Malynda for being cast as one of the leads in We Can Be One: A Musical About Coming Home. It will be  premiering at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Fest, June 6-29 at Three Clubs. Tickets go on Sale May 1st!

March 2014

-Malynda will be traveling to Chicago March 24th-29th and will have a FREE concert Friday March 28th at Next Door in Lakeview!

-Malynda will be performing with Gabrielle Taryn and Peter Charles on March 15th at Amplyfi in Hollywood!

February 2014

- Congrats to Malynda for being awarded the Top Singer/Songwriter award in the First Annual IANMA (Independent Artist Network Music Arts) Awards.

  1. -Congrats to Malynda for being named one of 60 artists to be nominated for the First Annual Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts Awards! She has been nominated for two awards "Top Artist" in the "Singer/Songwriter" Category and "Best Original Songwriting". Check out the nominees here! Winners are announced on February 23rd!

-Congrats to Malynda on being cast in the short film “Appreciation”. They will be filming in San Diego February 22nd-24th