Photography by: Mo Cee​

With the rise of racial tensions in our country and the increased emphasis on amplifying Black voices, it has never been more important to listen to the experiences of Black Americans as a way to bring about reconciliation, understanding, and healing.


Through my presence on social media, I’ve helped people understand a bit more about what growing up Black in America is like. But my experience is only one of many.


 In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement I find it important to expose people to the needs, feelings and experiences of a variety of Black voices. This attempt will create positive conversation and open minds.  As a subdivision of the blog and podcast I already have, I have created a photo and video series entitled Black Voices Heard that is set to amplify Black voices across different fields, and life experiences. It includes personal stories, how they personally want to combat racism, breaking down stereotypes of Black people, and personal messages that they want to share with the world.


The purpose of this project is to present Black people in a real and authentic way. It’s my hope that these stories and profiles will help humanize the Black community and change the societal view of Blackness as a whole.


All photography for this project is by Mo Cee of Lyd & Mo Photography