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To My Daughter, Sienna on Mother's Day.

To my Daughter Sienna,

If you only knew the world you were born into. Well, perhaps you did know, which is why you were a week late! I don’t blame you for wanting to stay inside where it was safe and where I could fully protect you from the unknown. But on March 23rd at 11:24pm, you made your entrance into the world. Your father and I have held you close ever since.

Outside, the world is much different than what I’d hoped it would be for you. It’s isolated, broken and filled with uncertainty. But I know that in due time you’ll be able to experience all the things I ever envisioned for you.

You’ll know a world beyond FaceTime where you can be loved in person without fear, where you can make new friends without worry, where you can safely enjoy the outdoors beyond our backyard.

You’ll know what people look like behind their masks.

You’ll know what it’s like to play in the playgrounds that aren’t cordoned off with yellow tape. And to run errands, or to stroll casually into a coffee shop or stop by a grocery store without having to wait outside.

You’ll know what it’s like to put others’ needs and wellbeing before your own for the sake of humanity. 

It’s my hope that you know people can come together to accomplish great things in trying times, that you learn to approach any situation with compassion and determination and much needed humor.

It's my hope that you live in a world where racism and discrimination are nonexistent rather than a part of everyday culture, and that you are able to embrace both sides of your identity without feeling confused or the need to choose.

It's my hope that you see a planet of beauty, rather than one that is destroyed and taken for granted.

It's my hope that you experience a different way of living, one that allows you freedom and a chance to truly be happy.

There are parts of the world outside that I hope remain in your life for years to come. But for now, know that your father and I are doing our best to help you thrive. We’re navigating this new world just as you navigate your new life. All of us have so much to learn, and your father and I are so thrilled to have you be part of this journey.

With all my love always,

Your Mom

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