• Malynda Hale

Will we ever matter?

I’m tired.

I’m angry.

I’m sad.

I’m numb.

But above anything, I’m painfully aware everyday that black people do not matter in this country.

It doesn’t matter what year it is or how much we progress as a people. This one fact remains.

I’m tired of writing about this. I’m tired of trying to convince people that even though our skin is of a different hue we matter. I’m tired of hashtags and I’m tired of this being headline news then being forgotten about 3 days later.

I’m tired.

But even in the depths of my tiredness I continue to ask, why?

Why when you see us do you fear us even when we are minding our own business?

Why do you feel the need to report us if we aren’t doing something that falls in line with your privileged demands?

Why as a person who is meant to protect and serve do you misuse your authority by abusing us or even worse, taking our lives?

All because we are darker than you? All because despite how much is thrown at us we continue to find joy no matter what?

What is it about our mere existence that bothers you so much?

Where did you learn to hate us?

Who taught you that it’s okay to view another human being as less than you?

Who taught you how to leverage our blackness so that your whiteness could stay in tact?

Because we are tired. We are tired of people denying that they have privilege and then using it to ruin us.

So, to the white women who intentionally and maliciously call the cops on African American people knowing that you could be responsible for ending their lives, at what point will you learn you shouldn’t use your privilege to potentially end another human beings story?

To the cops that constantly feel the need to misinterpret their mandate by abusing or killing our bodies just because you had a bad day, when will you learn what it actually means to protect and serve?

To the people who claim to be allies but still sit in silence when this happens, how many of us have to be beaten, traumatized, threatened, harassed, sent to prison or murdered for no reason before you start to speak up?

And to anyone who thinks these are isolated incidents, I ask that you prove to me that "all lives matter" by making sure that the black ones do.

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